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Neil at Lake Bolac Eel Festival

Lyrics to most of these songs, plus photos and notes, are available in the book "Native Born".

For further information on the background of some of Neil Murray’s songs, click on the links below to view previous discourse.

Album or Release
Along The Kidman Way   2009 Lake Bolac/Bourke Bring Thunder & Rain
Animal Song (**) G. Rrurrambu 1984 Papunya Big Name No Blankets
Anywhere Tonight   1998 Katoomba The Wondering Kind
Beer in Our Hands   2002 Darwin Going the Distance
Big Truck   1991 Annandale These Hands
Blackfella Whitefella  G. Rrurrambu 1982 Papunya /Sydney Big Name No Blankets
Blessed Man   2008 Melbourne Witness
Breadline   1983 Balmain Big Name No Blankets
Bring Thunder and Rain   2013 Lake Bolac/Narrandera Bring Thunder & Rain
Broken Song   1990 Ngurrka /Darwin These Hands
Bulukbara Man   1994 Lake Bolac / Melbourne Dust
Burning Land   2009 Lake Bolac Witness
Burrumbeep Hill   2008 Lake Bolac Witness
Calm & Crystal Clear   1988 Sydney / Hume Hwy Calm and Crystal Clear
Can't Win   1997 Lake Bolac The Wondering Kind
Circumstances   1999 Darwin Going the Distance
Cleverman   1987 Kintore Calm and Crystal Clear
Cold Weather S. Butcher 1993 Papunya Too Much Humbug
Come Away From That Country   2009 Driving through Mallee to SA Bring Thunder & Rain
Coolamon Moon Andrew McMillan 1994 Jabiru Dust
Cooling Winds Kev Carmody 1998 Melbourne / Lake Bolac The Wondering Kind
Countryside   1985 Alice Springs Go Bush
Countrystar Laws Rushing 2007 Nashville, USA Witness
Drifting Ways   2006 Kununurra Overnighter
Driving Days   1998 Sydney The Wondering Kind
Eddie Mabo   1999 Sydney / Darwin The Wondering Kind
Everything's gotta go back Shane Howard 1998 Warrnambool Radio in 2006 for 2songmen tour
Empty House   1998 Lake Bolac The Wondering Kind
Falling Down    1985 Alice Springs Go Bush
Far Away Andrew Travers 1988 Jervois Station / Sydney These Hands
Far Out West   1995 Lake Bolac Witness
Fire of Love Bill Jacobi 1993 Sydney / Melbourne Dust
Fitzroy Crossing S. Butcher 1982 Wave Hill / Papunya Big Name No Blankets
From the Bush G. Rrurrambu 1986 Sydney Go Bush
Get back to the Country   2006 Los Angeles, USA Overnighter
Get Up   2004 Lake Bolac Bring Thunder & Rain
Give This Day   1995 Lake Bolac / Sydney Dust
Good Light In Broome   1998 Broome / Darwin The Wondering Kind
Great Redeeming Actions (*SW)   1980 Alice Springs B Side - This Bliss Single
Have you Ever Peter Brandy 2002 Darwin  
He was Born   1982 Papunya Calm and Crystal Clear
High on a Hill   2001 Balingup Going the Distance
Holding Onto Sky   2002 Darwin Going the Distance
Holding you in my Arms   1993 Melbourne Too Much Humbug
Holy Road   1990 Palm Beach These Hands
Horse & Rider   1987 Kintore Calm and Crystal Clear
I Can Go On   2006 Melbourne Overnighter
I Once Knew A Woman   2007 Boston, USA Witness
In My Heart   1995 Alice Springs Dust
Is Nothing Gonna Change   1991 Sydney These Hands
Is That a Sign   2002 Melbourne Going the Distance
Is That What You Heard?   2011 New Norcia/Perth Bring Thunder & Rain
It Was Told   2011 Maleny to Cooktown Bring Thunder & Rain
Jailanguru Pakarnu  S. Butcher 1981 Papunya Go Bush & Single 1983
Johnny Grey   1990 Sydney Unreleased
Joining My life   1995 Katoomba /Sydney Too Much Humbug
Keep this Picture   1991 Newtown / Sydney These Hands
Key to my heart   2003 Lake Bolac Overnighter
Kintorelakutu Butcher, Baldock, Maxwell 1982 Kintore Go Bush
Kooriman S. Butcher, G. Rrurrambu 1993 Papunya / Sydney Too Much Humbug
Late This Night   1998 Darwin The Wondering Kind
Last Dance 2007 Lake Bolac Witness
Lets Fall In Love Again 1988 Sydney Calm and Crystal Clear
Lifetime Friend   2001 Darwin Witness - recorded by Adam Brand
Lights of Hay   2006 Moulamein/Hay Overnighter
Little One   1996 Lake Bolac The Wondering Kind
Long Grass Band   2002 Darwin Going the Distance
Lost Child   2007 Melbourne Witness
Love or Misery   1993 Sydney B Side - This Bliss Single
Love that Heals   1992 Annandale Stylin Up by Cristine Anu
Man with a Can Peter Brandy 2002 Darwin  
Makes You Feel Butcher, Jacobi, Rrurrambu, Heckenberg 1995 Sydney Too Much Humbug
Malamia (Long Ago)   2012 Lake Bolac/Ballarat Bring Thunder & Rain
Meet me in Bedourie   2004 Bedourie Overnighter
Melbourne Town   1994 Brunswick / Melbourne Dust
Menindee   1992 Menindee Dust
Mobile Phone Blues   2001 Adelaide Going the Distance
Mountains to the Sea Shane Howard 2008 Killarney, VIC Shane Howard: Goanna Dreaming
Mulga and Spinifex Plain   1980 Papunya Big Name No Blankets
My Island Home   1985 Hume hwy / Sydney Go Bush
My Island Home
(the my way mix)
  2000 Darwin Sydney Olympics 2000
Myall Creek   2001 Darwin Going the Distance
Native Born   1995 Germany / Sydney Dust
Never Change  S. Butcher 1995 Alice Springs Too Much Humbug
No Fear F. Tallis 1985 Sydney Go Bush
Nothing I Did   2012 Ballarat Bring Thunder & Rain
Nyuntu Nyaaltjirriku Butcher, Rrurrambu, Ellis 1983 Papunya Big Name No Blankets
Ocean of Regret   1987 Kintore Calm and Crystal Clear
Once in a while   2003 Lake Bolac Overnighter
One Day   1992 Annandale These Hands
One Of Those Tunes Jim Moginie 2008 Sydney Witness
One More Mile   1987 Sydney Calm and Crystal Clear
One Shining Star   2009 Kintore/Papunya Road NT Bring Thunder & Rain
One True Place   1991 Newtown B Side - Peace Of Mind
Out of Reach   2001 Darwin Going the Distance
Over the Moon   2001 Nannup Going the Distance
Peace of Mind   1994 Richmond Dust
Remembering 9/11 Bob Saporiti 2007 Nashville, USA Witness
Salty Ground   1990 Sydney These Hands
Secret War   1985 PNG/Sydney Go Bush
Seven Days of Rain   1988 Seaforth / Sydney B Side - Ocean Of Regret
Shakin Hand   1988 Seaforth / Sydney Calm and Crystal Clear
Silver City   1988 Sydney B Side - Ocean Of Regret
Sing the Song   2006 Broome Overnighter
Sing Your Destiny   1989-90 Broken Hill/Sydney These Hands
Sitdown Money S. Butcher 1983 Papunya Big Name No Blankets
Sometimes I Feel   1997 Queenscliff The Wondering Kind
Spirit S. Butcher 1994 Brisbane / Papunya Dust
Stars S. Butcher 1995 Germany / Alice Springs Too Much Humbug
Stompen Ground S. Butcher, G. Rrurrambu 1992 Broome Too Much Humbug
Streets of Bourke   2005 Bourke Overnighter
Swagman's Rest   1991 Sydney "Far Away" Cassingle
These Hands   1991 Newtown / Sydney These Hands
This Bliss   1991 Darwin Dust
This Good Earth   1990 Darwin Dust
This Time   1999 Sydney The Wondering Kind
Tjapwurrung Country    1994 Melbourne Dust
Tjiluru Tjiluru S.Butcher, G. Rrurrambu,
I. Anderson
1985 Alice Springs Go Bush
Tom Wills Would   1998 Sydney Going The Distance
Too Many Love Songs Eric Beach 1988 Sydney B Side
Wait For Thee   2011 Maleny, Qld Bring Thunder & Rain
Wanem Time   1993 Sydney Stylin Up by Cristine Anu
Waru G. Rrurrambu 1984 Wave Hill Big Name No Blankets
Warumpinya S. Butcher 1983 Alice Springs Big Name No Blankets
Wayathul G. Rrurrambu 1993 Brewarrina Too Much Humbug
We Gotta Be Strong S. Butcher, G. Rrurrambu 1984 Papunya / Sydney Big Name No Blankets
We Shall Cry S. Butcher, G. Rrurrambu 1994 Glebe Go Bush
We'll Build a Nation Kormilda College 1999 Darwin Youth Reconciliation Conf.
We'll No Return   1997 Broome The Wondering Kind
Where my people go   2005 Framlingham forest/Lake Bolac Overnighter
Whispering Casuarina   2010 Ballarat Bring Thunder & Rain
Wiima Tjuta G. Rrurrambu 1983 Papunya Big Name No Blankets
Wild Country   1988 Sydney B Side
Wilderness   1987 Kintore Calm and Crystal Clear
Windy Mick and the Falcon (*)   1993 Sydney Carnivale Live-Compilation
Wings to Work   1998 Darwin/Sydney The Wondering Kind
With you tonight   2004 Lake Bolac Overnighter
Woman's Love   1979 Robinvale Calm and Crystal Clear
Yirdaki Blue (**) G. Rrurrambu 1986 Sydney Go Bush
You'll have to Follow   2004 Lake Bolac Overnighter
(*) = Spoken Word        
(**) = Instrumental