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Neil Murray
Neil Murray
JIM MOGINE: founding member of Midnight Oil, songwriter, musician and producer
Neil Murray sings from the heart of the country. From his experience teaching in the aboriginal communities of the Western Desert, Neil's understanding of the interplay of humans and the landscape is Grand Canyon deep. More than this, he is a man who knows how to tell a story.

Neil sounds like he's lived a thousand lives, singing the destiny of women, children, travelling (lots of 'driving' songs), people dying on public transport, lost culture, and funny characters met along the way. He doesn't sound bitter though, just bittersweet. All this distills down into lyrically driven songs that are universal in their appeal, because they glimpse pathos, humanity and connection to the land in a honest way. But it's very Australian, and not ersatz cowboy Americana.

It's as if the truth is laid bare in his work. Not hokey, or bush-dancing, there is a real voice speaking to you here, like the full moon cutting through a cold clear night.

Great tunes too, listen to the compilation record 'About Time' to see a master at work. I have performed with Neil and just love his songs. That's why I'm there. It's as simple as that. Songs and poems from one of the greats, ignored by radio (what legend isn't?) it's a crime of Roger Rogerson proportions. But that is of little consequence. OK, he may still be a treasured secret to those who believe. But Neil's song legacy is breathtaking. Long may he keep the flame of observation, poetry and songcraft alive.
Neil @ The Fly By Night Musician's Club - Photo Trevor Walley
BILL HAURITZ: Executive Director, Woodford Folk Festival
An outstanding singer/songwriter capable of generating great enthusiasm and warmth in his audience, Neil Murray was welcomed by his fans at the 2006 Woodford Folk Festival with absolute adoration.
BOB AIRD: Managing Director, Universal Music Publishing Group, Aus
Neil Murray’s songs are part of Australia’s music heritage. He writes songs which are intuitive, passionate and stimulating and sews his heart on his sleeve with personal insights.
JOHN LOMAX III: Nashville based International consultant
Neil Murray's an incredible storyteller whether he's writing poems, songs or novels. There's no one quite like him in America - but I'd rank him with Jackson Browne, Townes Van Zandt and Rodney Crowell in the singer-songwriter pantheon.

The contribution that someone makes to the world in increasing it's beauty for others to enjoy does not always become evident straight away.

Look deeply and you see that no one could train to have the musical experience Neil's had. It's what makes him worth listening to. In Adelaide I met some guys from Us Mob and No Fixed Address, as well as a whole lot of fellas from CASM studying music there.

One bloke said "Neil could go anywhere in the country, mate, get in anywhere, organise anything, mate coz 'e sings in tongue, mate." I don't know any other musician who commands that sort of respect. You can't train to get that. You have to earn it.
Neil Murray performing with Yirrmal in 2016 - photo by Robbie Noakes
Neil Murray performing with Yirrmal in 2016 - photo by Robbie Noakes

SHANE HOWARD: singer/songwriter
Neil Murray’s songs and writings speak to me about Australia, in a way that few other artists can. The loss and longing, the need for those of us, as migrant Australians, to understand this Aboriginal Country and create a new way to belong here.

Neil’s never opted for the easy road. The hard edged reality of life on the fringes as well as the poetic grandeur of the landscape are all there in his powerful body of work.
Neil Live at Kuranda 2011
Neil Live at Kuranda 2011
DAVID BRIDIE: singer/songwriter/producer
Lots get written about Neil’s words, his authentic links to indigenous Australia, his pioneering journey with the Warumpis. All of this is true enough. But what I like best about his songs is that he writes great chord progressions that groove.

They have the right amount of “edge” and “soul” to work with the stories that he sings about. And Neil has written many great songs consistently over a long period of time. All power to him.

LEE KERNAGHAN: country superstar

Neil Murray is simply one of the greatest singer/songwriters Australia has ever produced….his music is hard hitting and true to life… it’s real..., just like the man himself.

MARTIN FLANAGAN: Author and journalist, The Age

Murray’s art lies in saying what he knows and not one word more.


Murray’s music is powerful, seductive, honest and proudly Australian. His lyrical themes are as relevant to Australia as Woody Guthrie’s are to America.